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Fall Thoughts

For many seniors, the end of October was a rush to finalize early college applications while also hitting their stride with senior year academics and enjoying a last season of sports and fall festivities. For some, all of the applications are in and it feels like there is nothing to do but fret until they hear back from schools. Others have a second way of regular decision applications to finish. Realize that you may have to wait a while for all of the acceptances and financial aid info to come in. If you haven’t yet submitted required financial documents like FAFSA or the CSS/Profile, it’s time to make this a priority.

But remember that your kid only gets one senior year of high school; take time to recognize those milestones without letting college unknowns shadow over them. Try to make time for family activities that will be much less frequent once they are off at college.

If you are spending time with family over the holidays, don’t let all of the conversation with and about your kid dwell on college. Help steer the conversations to the great experiences she is having now and the general things she’s looking forward to after graduation – without focusing on an outcome with a particular school. Or help move the conversation onto a completely different topic like the unwritten details of favorite recipes, old family photos, or how their grandparents met. Bring a couple games to the family join up. Our family likes 221B Baker Street, Catan, and Pandemic; but I also cherish memories of playing penny ante poker around my grandmother’s huge dining room table.

Best wishes for the rest of fall and the holidays.