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Why Hire an IEC?

An Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) works directly for students and their families. They help families assess what their needs and goals are, suggest colleges that might be a good match, and assist with the college application process.

Reasons to Use an Independent Educational Consultant

Individualized Attention – The recommended caseload for high school counselors is 250 students.  The reality is that most school counselors are assigned more than 400 students each year.  An IEC typically works with fewer students and can meet with them regularly over the course of several months. 

Focused Expertise – Not only do IECs focus on colleges and college admissions, but many have additional specialties, such as sports recruitment, performing arts, pre-professional pathways such as law and medicine, or international students.  For example, I have experience advising students interested in military service academies and college ROTC programs, homeschool students, and students from military families.

Special Circumstances – Homeschool families typically lack access to school counselors.  An experienced IEC can help homeschoolers make high school course plans and then assist them in creating documentation to submit with college applications. Families experiencing education turbulence due to Covid-19 may find themselves in need of extra advice as they contemplate transitioning to homeschooling high school.

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Before you meet with any educational consultant, I recommend reading these short overviews of what ethical IEC practice looks like.

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