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Update for November 2020

One of my educational consultant colleagues challenged me to do more regular updates as a round up of what I’m seeing happen in the world of colleges and college admissions. I’d love to hear what you think.


Fewer college applications were submitted by November 2 than were submitted by the same date last year. Applications Are Decreasing, Inside Higher Education

The US Naval Academy announced the spring slate of senior brigade leaders, including Sydney Barber, the first Black, female midshipman to serve as Brigade Commander. USNA Press Release,  CBS This Morning

Some colleges had planned to end in-person instruction before Thanksgiving, to reduce the trips between campus and home and the risk of spreading infection. Faced with growing outbreaks around the country, many colleges are choosing to go to online only even earlier, suspending in-person classes until the spring semester. Cutting the In-Person Semester Short, Inside Higher Education

Best article of the week

Akil Bello is the Senior Director for Advocacy and Advancement at Fair Test, which maintains a list of colleges with test optional policies. He challenges the idea that the value of a potential student is adequately measured through a standardized test. I don’t always agree with him, but I do read him whenever I get the chance. He also loves data. It’s no surprise to see him digging into the effect of continuing to require standardized test scores on college application numbers. Why Applications Are Plummeting at Florida’s State Universities.

Meanwhile, back at the office

This week is the IECA Fall 2020 Conference. Over 700 IECs from across the US and around the world are gathered together virtually to share expertise, best practices, and ways to help clients navigate college admissions (Akil Bello, who wrote the article on testing and Florida applications mentioned above, was a keynote speaker at the last IECA Conference in July). Topics over the week include affordability, considerations for law school and medical school admissions, and elements of fit in college admissions. Later in the week, I am presenting and moderating a panel on homeschooling. 

It’s great to get to see other IECs I’ve made friends with over the past few years via virtual round tables, professional reading groups, and my IEC Certificate program. Even though we mostly interact online, these are people I consider friends. We have even scheduled a few join ups before and after the official events, just to hang out and chat. I hope that high school students who are immersed in virtual education are also finding ways to keep connecting as people with their classmates and friends, even if you have to resort to online trivia nights.

We are nearing the end of the early round of college admissions. December 1 is the last early deadline for any of my clients. Then there are a few more to finish for regular decision. Some of the students who submitted to colleges using Rolling Admissions already have acceptances in hand (which takes a lot of pressure off of holiday conversations). Congratulations to those who have their first acceptances. Courage to those who are still working on applications or who have transitioned to the long wait.