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What Will College Cost?

person holding black ceramic teapot

How much will you pay for college?

Tips for Finding College Fit

Use these tips to start building your college list

Researching College Majors

How to Research College Majors

Understanding College Costs

Many families have misconceptions about college pricing and financial aid. They might be the result of lack of experience or dated information. They could also stem from viewing results in a friend’s situation as a universal truth, rather than the result of a combination… Continue Reading “Understanding College Costs”

What Does College Selectivity Mean?

What is college selectivity?

Important FAFSA Information

Information on filling out and submitting the FAFSA, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Start Thinking About Financial Fit

What is Financial Fit?

Narrowing the Search

When a student starts contemplating what colleges might be a good fit, it can feel overwhelming. How do you trim a list of thousands of colleges down to something manageable to do research on? I’ve heard of students who picked colleges by choosing which… Continue Reading “Narrowing the Search”

Engagement > Rankings

How much do college rankings matter?

From College to Space

Some colleges are very proud of the number of graduates who have gone into space. With 50 astronaut alumni, from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo program, through the Space Shuttle missions and into the present, the US Naval Academy has a record that is… Continue Reading “From College to Space”

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