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Learn About FAFSA

Learn about FAFSA and how it can help pay for college

The new Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA opens each year October 1. What does that mean for high school seniors and their parents? Read on to learn about FAFSA, why it matters, and where to get help completing the FAFSA. What… Continue Reading “Learn About FAFSA”

What Are ROTC Scholarships?

Ohio State University ROTC building entrance with signs for Military Science, Air Science, & Naval Science

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC, often pronounced ROT-see) is a program to educate and train future US military officers at civilian colleges and universities. Students are simultaneously full-time college students and ROTC cadets or midshipmen. They take courses in military, air, or naval… Continue Reading “What Are ROTC Scholarships?”

3 Ways to Use the Summer to Get a Head Start on College Applications

Summer Head Start

What Will College Cost?

person holding black ceramic teapot

How much will you pay for college?

Tips for Finding College Fit

Use these tips to start building your college list

Update for March 2021

College Admissions News March 2021

Update for January 2021

Changes to Testing and FAFSA

Understanding College Costs

Learn about FAFSA and how it can help pay for college

Many families have misconceptions about college pricing and financial aid. They might be the result of lack of experience or dated information. They could also stem from viewing results in a friend’s situation as a universal truth, rather than the result of a combination… Continue Reading “Understanding College Costs”

Start Thinking About Financial Fit

What is Financial Fit?

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