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Early College Programs

Lisa visits Mary Baldwin University, home of two early college programs

Early College Programs

How Can Homeschoolers Apply to College?

Homeschoolers & College

How Many US Students Are Homeschooled?

girl in yellow jacket sitting beside man in blue long sleeves

Earlier this week, Gallup released their annual education satisfaction survey results, which includes a breakdown of where US K-12 students go to school. I’ve been watching for this survey, because it had interesting results in 2020 regarding where students in the US are educated.… Continue Reading “How Many US Students Are Homeschooled?”

Advanced Placement for Homeschoolers

Advanced Placement for Homeschoolers

Update for March 2021

College Admissions News March 2021

Virtual Workshop: Intro to College Admissions for Homeschoolers

Whether you’ve homeschooled for years or weeks, there’s a good chance that you have questions about college admissions. Can homeschoolers go to college? What are colleges looking for? How does a homeschooler submit a transcript and what else do they need to do? What… Continue Reading “Virtual Workshop: Intro to College Admissions for Homeschoolers”

Types of Online Classes

Coronavirus precautions have led many school districts to use virtual classes.  Other families are looking at online courses to use as part of a homeschooling curriculum.  Online courses have been around for quite a while, and can trace their lineage to paper-based correspondence courses… Continue Reading “Types of Online Classes”

Supporting Homeschool Applications

When high school students apply to college, their high school counselors submit documents to support their application.  Typically, these include a transcript and a school profile, as well as a counselor recommendation.  Even though homeschool students may not attend a traditional brick and mortar… Continue Reading “Supporting Homeschool Applications”

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