Military service is a long-held goal for some students. Others learn about the opportunities in officer commissioning programs late in high school. In either case, advice from someone who knows the ropes and can help them communicate their strengths as a Scholar, Leader, and Athlete is a big help.

Service Academy and ROTC Scholarships

Military Program advising

Because these programs have different requirements, use individual application portals, and can seem like they're written in a secret language. So you have questions.

When do I need to apply?
How do I improve my chances?
What is a nomination and do I need one?
What’s the difference between an academy and ROTC?

With 20 years of experience with academy and ROTC applications, I help students understand the application process and timeline, write strong applications, and prepare for interviews.

I’m not a recruiter. My priority is helping the student, not filling a quota.


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Available as multi-application packages or hourly services
  • Application Q&A sessions
  • Essay coaching 
  • Practice interview with feedback 

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Advising on academy and ROTC scholarship applications

Military College Programs

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About Lisa

I'm Lisa Rielage. As an Independent Educational Consultant, I work directly with high school students and their families to help them identify colleges that are good fits for them.

Together, we consider their academic goals and the college atmosphere they want, but also keep in mind the family budget and college admissions selectivity. 

As senior year approaches, I'm right there offering guidance on college application and essays.

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For self-starters who want help in specific areas, like essay coaching, application assistance, or homeschool documentation.


For families who want a full range of services, including building a balanced college list and guidance with applications.

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