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For self-starters who want help in specific areas, like essay coaching, application assistance,  or homeschool documentation.


Need help with military academy or ROTC scholarship applications? I have 20 years of experience with academy and ROTC applications.

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For families who want a full range of services, including building a balanced college list and guidance with applications.

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One year, I met several students who had missed key steps and deadlines. As a result, they faced closed doors instead of opportunities.

They all said, "No one told me."

This was a turning point for me. I wanted to find ways to help families who didn't know what college admissions involved or what they needed to do to be prepared. 

That's why I founded Admissions Decrypted and why I love working with families who aren't sure where to start or what they need to do next.

Approach college wisely, considering your goals as well as Why colleges admit students

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