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College admissions is unpredictable and cannot be reduced to a formula or checklist.  Highly selective colleges turn down thousands of highly qualified seniors each year.  Research shows that student engagement is a better indicator of success than college ranking, which means students can and should look beyond the “usual suspects” to find colleges where they are likely to thrive.

Our advising approach includes many services that help students and families articulate their priorities.  I work with seniors, who need support as they work through their application; juniors, who are deciding what type of college is a good match; and younger students, who want guidance on course selection and activities that could give them experience in areas of interest.

Because each family’s needs are individual, both comprehensive and hourly packages are available.  After an initial consultation, we can discuss what services are right for you. Please contact me for an initial consultation at

Student Assessment

The student is the center of the process as we work together to describe their needs and goals.  Surveys, conversations, and reflective exercises work together to connect the different aspects of the whole student.

Activities and Resume

What happens outside the classroom is often a significant part of a student’s life.  Communicating the depth and breadth of a student’s experiences is an important step in conveying who the student is.  We will explore how students can take next steps in their interest areas.

Testing Timeline

What tests does a student need to take and when should they take them? Is applying test optional a good choice?  Are Subject Tests necessary?  What tests should a homeschooler take?  These are all questions to address well before application deadlines.

Financial Aid

We will discuss how financial aid is determined and how to determine which schools are likely to be affordable to the family.  This may include a discussion of how to best utilize educational benefits like state grants and GI Bill.

College List Development

A balanced college list includes schools that are a good match academically, socially, and also includes schools that a student is likely to be admitted to. 

Essay Coaching

The personal statement and writing supplements allow the student to present themselves in a nuanced way that doesn’t fit into boxes and drop-down menus. 

College Applications

The mechanics of the actual applications can seem overwhelming.  We work together to ensure that applications are complete, insightful, and on time.

Homeschooler Support

Homeschooling is experiencing a tremendous growth, with some estimating that the number of homeschool students doubled in 2020. Whether your family is new to homeschooling or has years of experience, you might be wondering how college admissions works for homeschoolers. The good news is that homeschoolers are widely accepted to colleges — even highly selective schools. The same goals of academic, social, and financial fit apply to homeschoolers.

Homeschool families often face additional requirements.  Transcripts, course descriptions, school profiles, and counselor recommendations are documents that describe a homeschooled student’s educational experience.  In most instances, it is the homeschool family’s responsibility to submit these documents in support of their student’s application. With nearly two decades experience homeschooling, I have deep expertise in this area.


Because many families have had their situation disrupted due to Covid-19, services are also available in smaller hourly packages, designed to be more affordable and highly focused on specific needs. 

Let’s Get Started

If you’d like to discuss how I can help your student evaluate what would make a college a good fit, or if you’d like assistance with the college application process, please contact me at

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