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These are the biggest college admissions trends I noticed during the 2022-23 admissions cycle. Families of this year’s seniors and younger high school students should be aware of these trends, so they can make wise decisions as they apply to college. Note, I wrote this in April 2023, before the SCOTUS decision on the use […]

College Admissions Trends 2023

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When public and private high school students apply to college, their school counselors submit documents to support their application. Homeschool students also need to give admissions an academic history to base their admissions decision on. In addition to the applications the student fills out, there are several supporting documents for homeschool college applications that are […]

Documents for Homeschool College Applications

College Admissions

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What most high school students know about military life tends to come from movies or books. Even those who grew up in military families may wonder what it would be like to personally serve under military restrictions and responsibilities. Military academy summer programs offer rising seniors a taste of life as a cadet or midshipman. […]

Military Academy Summer Programs

The US Naval Academy Chapel copper dome gleams against a blue sky.

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Extracurricular activities are anything a student does outside the classroom. These might include school clubs, work, volunteering, or hobbies. Activities give students a chance to explore interests, demonstrate leadership, and be a force for positive change. History related activities can help students show they have experience with research, analysis, and presentation that they might use […]

USS Constitution in Boston Harbor.

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These are some of the best college admissions books I’ve read. They will help parents understand the modern college admissions landscape, from how colleges pick students to how to pay for college.  We often focus on sensational articles about a handful of colleges. This can lead to a lot of doom-casting and despair. In fact, […]

College Admissions Books

College Admissions
A stack of books, including The Price You Pay for College, Who Gets In and Why, College Match, an SAT study guide, a Latin dictionary, and a vintage algebra book. Two beaded spiders are positioned crawling on the books.

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Students applying to college ROTC scholarship programs need to keep a close eye on the scholarship board dates. These dates are set by each service, meaning Army ROTC board dates are different than the board dates for Air Force ROTC. Students often ask when they should submit their ROTC scholarship applications.  They should submit a […]

ROTC Scholarship Board Dates

Larger than life size Ohio State University "Bucky" mascot statue dressed in green military flight suit outside The Ohio State University ROTC building.