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Service Academy Summer Programs

Military Academy Summer Programs

What Are ROTC Scholarships?

Ohio State University ROTC building entrance with signs for Military Science, Air Science, & Naval Science

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC, often pronounced ROT-see) is a program to educate and train future US military officers at civilian colleges and universities. Students are simultaneously full-time college students and ROTC cadets or midshipmen. They take courses in military, air, or naval… Continue Reading “What Are ROTC Scholarships?”

Space Force Training at the Air Force Academy

space shuttle launch during nighttime

The Space Force became the newest branch of the US military in 2019, and the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) commissions about 100 cadets as Space Force officers each year. This is around 10% of each graduating class. To prepare cadets for future Space… Continue Reading “Space Force Training at the Air Force Academy”

ROTC Scholarship Board Dates

aerobatics air air force aircraft

Students often ask when they should submit their ROTC scholarship applications.  The short answer is to submit a strong and application early enough to be competitive when there are still many scholarships available. I’ve listed most of the ROTC scholarship board dates below. These… Continue Reading “ROTC Scholarship Board Dates”

US Service Academy Nominations

Naval officer shouler boards

The Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and West Point require a nomination. Learn what nominations are and how to get one.

Military Leaders Are Readers – Reading List for Future Officers

Reading list to be more familiar with the military

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