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Are Grades or Course Rigor More Important?

Sunlit colonade at Stanford University

Grades and Course Rigor Matter

How Can Homeschoolers Apply to College?

Homeschoolers & College

How to Write a “Why Us” College Essay

Why Us?

Should You Take the SAT or the ACT?

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Is it better to take the SAT or the ACT? Do some colleges prefer one test over the other? The ACT and SAT are two tests used by colleges to help determine if a student is ready for college level academics. They might also… Continue Reading “Should You Take the SAT or the ACT?”

3 Ways to Use the Summer to Get a Head Start on College Applications

Summer Head Start

Update for April 2021

College Admissions Updates for April 2021

US Service Academy Nominations

Naval officer shouler boards

The Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and West Point require a nomination. Learn what nominations are and how to get one.

Update for March 2021

College Admissions News March 2021

Update for February 2021

College Admissions News February 2021

What Are Selective Colleges?

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What is college selectivity?

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